Secure WebDAV Access

WebDAV is a industry standard for creating, changing and moving documents within the cloud. It is also integrated into Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OS X. CloudSafe offers you a secure WebDAV interface to your safe's content for free. It can be individually enabled for every safe. Via WebDAV you can securely access your CloudSafe data from any device, at any time.

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Use our free CloudSafe Client

Install our free CloudSafe Windows Client to set up your online safes as local drives within Windows Explorer. Make sure you copy important files and folders to CloudSafe conveniently by dragging and dropping them to the virtual drives. Any backup and synchronization software will work, too. Or use the drive as a file repository for colleagues and business contacts to exchange important files. They can also install the free client to easily access the data.

CloudSafe Client

More software to access CloudSafe

There are other great software products to access your CloudSafe content. We provide you with a list of reliable third-party tools for you PC, Laptop or Netbook - but also for Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, Windows- and Android mobile phones. Some of them already offer sophisticated syncing and backup features to keep your local documents and your encrypted copies at CloudSafe perfectly in sync.

Other Software Clients