Store as many documents as you like securely online

Whether you use a single password or have thousands of files, CloudSafe makes it possible for you to store all your important documents online in virtual safes with a complete folder structure. Your data is stored securely at CloudSafe and can be used as a personal backup or globally accessible Cloud storage. The choice is yours.

Really secure: Encrypted transport and storage

When transporting your data we exclusively use EV SSL, the internet encryption standard, which is also used for bank business or card transactions (this is recognizable by the green color of the address bar in your browser). Thereafter your data is stored in a secure, encrypted form on our servers. We decided on AES 256 - the worldwide recognized standard for secure encryption.

CloudSafe does not have any access

The entire contents placed in your safe are encrypted with a cryptographic key that can only be accessed using your password. We do not store your password ourselves. Only you are able to access your data; it is simply not possible for CloudSafe or third parties to gain access.